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8 Tips for Moving in NYC

Interview by Lynne Walrod

Moving is always difficult. No matter how hard you prepare emotionally, when the day arrives, it always seems like you should have done more to make the official day easier. I remember when my husband and I moved around the corner in NYC and I thought “this will be breeze as we are only moving across the street”. Boy was I wrong !! Luckily my husband’s friend was visiting and we put him to work. Thank You Greg! I am still grateful for your hard work that day.

We have asked our NYC residential real estate agent Kay Kyung Moon from Douglas Elliman for some helpful advice on moving in NYC. Here are her “8 tips for planning a smooth move”. Happy Moving!

8 Tips for Planning a Smooth Move

Undeniably, the process of selling a home, buying a new one, and transporting all of your worldly possessions is overwhelming. With a myriad of details to oversee and emotions often running high, the stress of a move threatens to overshadow the excitement of it.

No matter where you are on the long road to settling into a new home, it is not too late to implement some best practices for your move. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth transition:

#1 – Start planning your move as soon as you know that it is on the horizon. Early planning and preparation are critical to the success of the process. This may be difficult, especially if you are moving against your wishes, but proper planning will help to alleviate stress when the transactions related to buying and selling a home begin to take place. Pack items, such as seasonal decorations, that you know you will not need before the move as early as possible.

#2 – Organization is key. Establish a record-keeping system as you pack by numbering each box and maintaining a list that specifically describes the contents that each numbered box contains. Consider using stickers to color-coordinate boxes with the rooms in your new home where the contents of each box will belong.

#3 – If you are planning to hire a moving company, select one early in the process. This company will be handling some of your most valuable possessions, so it is worthwhile to do your due diligence when choosing one. Ask trusted friends and family for recommendations, read reviews online, and check Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. Procure estimates from at least three companies. Determine what each company’s insurance covers and consider purchasing your own.

#4 – Get rid of possessions that you no longer need. Moving represents a fresh start; do not clutter your new home with items that have outlived their usefulness to you. Host a garage sale, sell the items online or at a consignment store, or donate them to charity in exchange for a tax deduction. By paring down your belongings, you will save money on moving expenses and have less to unpack and organize as you settle into your new home. As an added bonus, decluttering will help boost your current home’s appeal to potential buyers.

#5 – Make a list of the people and businesses that will need your new address. Remember to file a change-of-address form with the U.S. Postal Service!

#6 – When packing, separate your most valuable items, including jewelry, important paperwork, and treasured heirlooms. These items should not be sent on the moving truck and should remain with you if possible.

#7 – Take pictures of furniture and artwork in order to document the condition of each piece prior to the move. This will help you in a claim against the moving company in the event that any item incurs damage.

#8 – Remember to set aside the belongings that you will need as you move and settle into your new home. It will take a while to empty all of the boxes, so pack as if you are going on a trip, with several outfits, toiletries, and personal possessions easily accessible.




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