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Meet Your NYC Agent: Mary Lou Currier from BOND

Interview by Jak Burke

New York City is a rich and diverse metropolis bursting with new developments and talented real estate agents. Meet Your NYC Agent series is a fun and interesting way to get to know the licensed real estate agents and brokers in your neighborhood. Meet Mary Lou Currier from BOND.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Real estate brokers! Everybody seems to sort of hate them – maybe it’s the insistent voices and the questions about your money. However when you’re buying or selling, you need a good one. Someone tenacious, who creates bidding wars for her sellers and wins them for her buyers! I’m an experienced agent and true negotiator who carefully listens to my client’s needs, respects their time, and patiently works with them to find the perfect place. So when you want to buy or sell and possibly even enjoy the process, please get in touch.

I graduated from F.I.T. and worked as an advertising copywriter for major agencies. I’ve been a real estate agent for a over a decade and a Diamond Circle Top Producer for the last four years, 2012 through 2015.

What type of Real Estate do you rep?
I’ve sold everything from a 400 square foot studio directly facing a brick wall in a walk-up (!)… to an art-filled 5000 square foot triplex in TriBeCa.

Who is/are your dream client/s?
Happily married buyers and sellers who work in the financial sector, or own their own business are dream clients. Couples like this tend to be decision-makers and usually have strong grasp of their personal finances. Bonus – they’re good at followup and have their paperwork in order!

What common mistakes do new buyers make?
Without a communicative team in place, there’s so much opportunity for transaction to go awry! A good real estate agent, mortgage banker(s) and a real estate lawyer you’re comfortable with will make your whole transaction less stressful.

What excites you about NYC Real Estate?
Negotiations! And of course every deal is different with many moving parts and personalities – it’s like a real-life game of Strategy – so it’s good that I enjoy problem-solving and trouble-shooting. Seeing phenomenal properties at every price point is always an up, as is the ‘keyhole’ aspect – seeing how people live.

Contact Mary Lou!
Mary Lou Currier
Senior Real Estate Advisor
Bond New York Properties LLC
Platinum Circle Producer 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 | Member of REBNY

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