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Staging Tips by Magic Hill Hudson

Interview by Lynne Walrod

We all know your living quarters are limited when you purchase a NYC apartment-that is why utilizing that space in an astute way is so important when you go to sell your co-op or condo. Are you appealing to all types of buyers and is the agent marketing the space properly? If your unit is vacant, it might be hard for a buyer to imagine what the apartment would look like with furniture-often times the apartments appear smaller than they actually are without tables, chairs, beds, and accessories. Or perhaps they are positioned improperly in the unit and the feng shui is off.

We spoke with Maor Shefer – a licensed real estate agent with Nestseekers and the owner of Magic Hill Hudson ( for advice about staging a NYC apartment.



Maor’s Staging Tips:

1. Space: When you walk in the apartment, How does it flow? Is there harmony in relation to the furniture and the space? Think of the apartment as a circle with harmony and furniture spinning on it. Is it spinning around smoothly or is the furniture or lack there of cutting some of the circulation of the circle off in some way? If this is the case, you probably need some form of staging.


2. Furniture: Contemporary furniture works a little better when staging a NYC apartment. You want furniture that is fun but not too sophisticated or too plain. The pieces should enhance a room, not take over the space.


3. Color: Neutral colors work best for staging-grays, whites, off white (These colors make the rooms look more airy and open). Refreshing woods also work best: teak wood or walnut. You can accentuate the rooms with more dramatic colors (oranges, yellows, reds) with accessories (vases, pillows, rugs). You can dress up a bathroom with a colorful shower curtain or rug. Let you accessories make the bold statement for you-not the bones of the apartment.


4. Lighting: 80% of apartments in NYC are dark so you need to use lighting that is soft but not too bright. A modern chandelier can enhance the lighting of an apartment as well as brass gold floor lamps. Lamps on night stands in bedrooms can increase lighting. I suggest dimmers in every room so you can match any natural light the room gets with some artificial light (you want almost a yellow sun reflection).


5. Budget: Agents can spend anywhere from $800 -$10,000 on staging depending upon the size of the apartment. If they are going to make thousands of dollars in commissions when they sell, it’s a wise, healthy investment. You can source furniture at flea markets if you have a limited budget. Sometimes a shabby chic chair or a newly painted antique table can spruce up a room.

6. Accent Walls: Perhaps part of a living room can be made into an office or baby nook. You can always paint one wall a different color from the other 3 or 4 to distinguish a particular part of the room and create tension. This can also be done with a dramatic piece of furniture (desk, sofa, shelves).

7. Visualization: The key to any good staging is helping buyers visualize themselves living there. Often times they can’t imagine where their furniture would go if the space is empty. As a stager, you become their creative artist-painting on their blank canvas the perfect home!

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